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Bilbao, Spain



Cristina Ortega Nuere is Director of the Institute of Leisure Studies of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Deusto. From 2009-2013 she was the President of ENCATC – the leading European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education, promoted by UNESCO and supported by the European Commission that today brings together over 100 members in 40 countries in Europe and beyond. She is also the chair of ENCATC’s Policy Group Monitors of Culture with 40 members from 20 countries. Doctor in Leisure and Human Potential studies, with a Master degree in Leisure Management, and specialized in Cultural Management, she graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy from the University of Deusto and completed her studies in London, Middlesex and at Westminster University.

She is the Principal Researcher of the Official Research Team of Leisure and Human Development of the University of Deusto.  She has participated in more than 30 research projects in the leisure and cultural field. At present she is the principal researcher of the project entitled RESORTES, about leisure, spaces, governance and youth, financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, National Plan of Research and Innovation. In the international scope, she has been the leader of the project Monitors of Culture that aims to reflect on cultural observatories in the future in Europe, financed by the European Commission under the framework of the Culture Programme. She has also taken part in the Life Long Learning project Artists Moving and Learning that analyses the impact of international mobility experiences of artists. She has organized more than twenty events and scientific meetings on an international level, among which also the 6th World Leisure Congress of the Institute of Leisure Studies.

She is professor at the University of Deusto teaching in the PhD programme in Leisure and Human Development and in several other masters (Master Erasmus Mundus Euro-culture, Master in Management of Leisure Projects, Master in Organization of Events) and specializing courses (the University course in Local Cultural Management and the Course in Protocol and Special Events). She is also Director of the Master in Management of Leisure Projects, Master in Organization of Events and the Postgraduate Course in Local Cultural Management. Among last years publications she gave a valuable contribution to the publication for the European Commission Measuring Creativity; for the publication of the book The events: functions and tendencies, by Ortega C. and Izaguirre, M. (2010) Bilbao: University of Deusto; and as the author Ortega, C. (2010) Observatorios Culturales. Creación de Mapas de Infraestructuras y Eventos, Barcelona: Ariel. At present, she is Member of the Basque Council of Culture of the Basque Government. She usually participates as a speaker in international scientific conferences worldwide.


Secretary General, ENCATC



For the last ten years, GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens has been working as Secretary General of ENCATC, the leading European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education, with over 100 members in 40 countries. Since 2003, she has been also the administrator of the Thomassen Fund a mobility fund aimed at supporting and encouraging mobility of cultural management educators and trainers. Previously, she was Policy Officer of the Cultural Forum of EUROCITIES a European network bringing together the local governments of more than 140 large cities in over 30 countries. From 1998 till 2001, GiannaLia was Secretary General of the Association of the European Cities of Culture of the year 2000. Journalist since 1993, she was Press & Public Relations officer for the N.A.T.O organization in Rome. For the European Commission she wrote 10 reports on social European policy and a major study on European Cities of Culture for the year 2000.

Educated in Rome at the University “La Sapienza”, Giannalia holds a Degree in Political Sciences – International relations, an M.A. in European & International Career Studies and an M.A. in European Constitution. Her final dissertation was about the diplomatic relations between Italy and Great Britain and was supervised by Pietro Pastorelli, professor of international politics and head of the Diplomatic archives at the Italian Foreign Office. Giannalia was trained for six months at the European Commission – Directorate General Regional Policy and at the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, ICE, (European Affairs Department) in Brussels.   


Barcelona, Spain 


Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Melba G. Claudio-González is Doctor in Information and Communication in the Knowledge Society and holds a Master Degree in Cultural Policies and Arts Management from the University of Barcelona (UB). There she also obtained the research proficiency presenting a work on: Management models of networking and its application in the field of cultural management, gaining an outstanding rating. She also holds a degree in Business Administration from Puerto Rico University.

She is member of the Consolidated Research Group of the Library and Information Science Faculty (UB), with whom she is conducting research on Business models of publishing of Spanish scientific journals. This research is developed under the National Plan of the Ministry of Science and Innovation: “Open access to scientific production in Spain”.

For eight years she worked as a researcher and General Coordinator of the Ibero-American Cultural Management Network. She also has participated as speaker in several international seminars and cultural management courses.

Currently, she also participates in academic projects and networks as a freelance researcher, academic coordinator, or consultant in the design and development of innovative teaching materials. From 2010-2014, she was the knowledge community coordinator of the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi), a network of universities, UNESCO Chairs in higher education and a wide range of institutions around the world who share the vision of public service and social responsibility of higher education.


Paris, France. Born in Mexico City, Mexico 


He is currently Chief project manager at the Association of European cities and regions for Culture « Les Rencontres ». He has been preparing a PhD thesis on « cross-border cultural co-operation in the European Union » at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France. He is particularly interested in the field of cultural policies from the local and regional authorities as well as the transatlantic cultural co-operation (Europe and the American continent).




Thomas Perrin

Thomas Perrin is a lecturer in Spatial Planning and European Studies at Lille University, research centre TVES. He is expert for the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe and member of ECURES: European Association of Cultural Researchers. His research and teaching deal with cultural policy and cultural relations on the one hand, and with the issues and dynamics of regionalism and territorial cooperation on the other hand. His works have been published in several books and journals and he received, in 2011, the Mark Schuster Prize on comparative cultural policy and a Merit prize in the Committee of the Regions’ Doctoral Thesis Competition. In 2012, Toulouse City Council awarded him “chercheur novélisé”. His last released book is Culture et eurorégions. La coopération culturelle entre régions européennes, Éditions de l’Université de Bruxelles, 2013. (Catalan version: Cultura i Euroregions. Catalunya en l’Arc Mediterrani. Barcelone : Editorial Aresta, 2013).


Bilbao, Spain 



Jaime Cuenca has a degree in philosophy and got his PhD in Leisure Studies at the University of Deusto in 2011. He teaches at the post-graduate level in the Institute for Leisure Studies. As a member of the interdisciplinary research team in Leisure and Human Development he studies the meaning of leisure experience in consumer society. He has presented this line of research in several international scientific meetings and has contributed papers to journals such as Arbor, Anthropos, Estudios filosóficos or Revista de Ciencias de la Educación. He has spent a research stay in UNAM (México D.F.) in 2010 and another one in the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Karlsruhe, Germany) in 2008-2009.


Leuven, Belgium, 1964



Bruno Verbergt (Leuven, Belgium, 1964) is Master in Philosophy and in Business Administration.  He is chief executive officer of the Culture, Sports and Youth department of the city of Antwerp (, managing 8 museums, 9 cultural centres, 21 public libraries, and some 30 swimming pools and sports facilities, as well as the administration and control of subsidies and grants to art institutions, cultural organisations, sport clubs and youth organizations.  He is also associate professor in General and Strategic Management at the Cultural Management program of the Faculty of Applied Economics of the University of Antwerp, with special focus on factors of competitive advantage in non-profit arts organisations. He is member of several boards, amongst which the board of directors of the national city theatre Het Toneelhuis. He is advisor at the Rotterdam Council for Arts and Culture.

After his studies in 1988, Bruno Verbergt became director of the international dance festival Klapstuk in Leuven (Belgium).  He turned the festival into an organization for contemporary dance, featuring residences, production facilities and publications, all highlighted during the biannual festival. For the 1993 and 1994 editions of the Springdance festival in Utrecht (The Netherlands), Bruno Verbergt was artistic advisor.  During these years he was actively involved in several boards and committees, such as the Informal European Theatre Meeting and the Flemish Dance Council, of which he was president from 1995 till 1998.
From April 1995 onwards, he was advisor to Eric Antonis, the alderman of culture of the city of Antwerp.  During these years, the basis was laid for a new cultural policy of the city of Antwerp, including a revitalisation of the city theatres and museums and an appraisal of the function of architecture and culture for the (social) regeneration of the city.
From 1998 till 2003, Bruno Verbergt was general director of Antwerpen Open vzw ( This non-profit organization has a coordinating and stimulating role for the international exposure of culture in Antwerp and organizes the summer festival ‘Zomer van Antwerpen’ and huge cultural events, like the 400th anniversary of the painter Anthony Van Dyck in 1999 and MODE2001 LANDED-GELAND, on fashion.
Recent publications include Cultuurmanagement. De regels van de kunst (2011, in co-authorship with Annick Schramme, Dirk Decorte and Patrick De Pelsmacker) and ‘Zit gedrevenheid in onze bedrijfscultuur?’ in Verhaert & Gielen (2012), Jij bent het management. Later in 2013, a book on management and marketing for libraries and booksellers in times of experience economy (co-authors Lieselotte De Snijder and Danie De Sadeleer) will be published.





Ramon Parramon, artist, teacher and project manager. ACVIC Director, Centre for Contemporary Arts (2010). Director and founder of Idensitat (1999), a collective project which carries forward his practice as an artist. He directed the Masters in Design, Art and Public Space Elisava-UPF (2000-2010). In 2005 he was curator of Open Madrid, and from 2005 until 2010 was a member of the advisory committee. He has curated several exhibitions such as Artisans, Creative constructions of social space (La Capella, Barcelona), Catalysts (Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona), Intervened cities (La Capella, Barcelona), Map, Charts, Metrics and Politics of Social Space (ACVIC). He has participated in and has organized several seminars, workshops and discussion forums on art and social space. He has edited several publications such as Catalysts (Arts Santa Monica / EUMO Editorial) Reversible Actions. Arts, Education and Planning (EUMO Editorial / ACVIC, 2010) Home / away. Art and contemporary creation in social space (Idensitat, 2010); Art, experiences and territories in process (Idensitat, 2008). His career has developed with clear interests in multidisciplinary projects, and in the roles which art can play in specific socio-political contexts.


Adriana NADAL
Theater producer 



Born in Barcelona I hold a B.A in Media and Communication Studies in Ramón Llull University (Spain) which I combined with my Acting studies. When I finished (2005) I left to the United States where I studied for a Certificate Program in UCLA (Los Angeles) on Film, TV and Digital Entertainment. Back from L.A I moved to Mallorca (Spain) and worked as a journalist for almost 4 years on a local TV station.

Realizing how important is to make people aware in order to rouse, inspire and mobilize them, I decided to add a political background to my education and I completed a postgraduate course in Political Science.
Back to Barcelona (2011) I started a Master’s Program at the Institute of Barcelona of International Studies (IBEI) in International Relations. One year later (2012) I founded a theatre production company with 4 other colleagues: Sixto Paz Produccions, whose first production was “If there is I haven’t found it yet” by Nick Payne in Sala Beckett (Barcelona) last January 2013.


Trànsit Projectes



Mario Hinojos Laveaga (Mexico 1982), currently working at Trànsit Projectes, a cultural management company. Editing, media and content manager. He owns the production company of low format Tarantela / Channel microaudiovisual. Collaborates with CCCB Lab in the Innovation, culture and research programe (I + C + I), and coordinate the Text File Seminar: ways to push the boundaries of the usual writing, at Barcelona Writing Lab. Master in Communication and Cultural Production (University of Barcelona) and Bachelor of Science in Communication with a major in Broadcasting (TEC Mexico). Currently pursuing an specialization in developing content for new media (UOC). Has studied Comparative Literature (UAB Barcelona) and Travel Literature (Ateneu Barcelonés). It is currently a member of the State System of Art Creators of Sinaloa, Mexico, in the Literature category with the project novel Ciudades para ser destruidas. He has published the novel Round de sombra V Valladolid National Novel Prize for Literature, Mexico, and the stories Espacio de sólo tres dimensiones and De cómo una carta puede ser una carta, y puede ser un cuento, y puede ser tres cuentos. Also coordinete the project Guía_Sentimental.